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International travel for passengers in economy class is not easy; high fares with at times endless delays coupled with the long flight duration, lay over and cramped seats make for one exhausting experience. But not all airlines are bad; there remain a few that treat their economy class passengers nicely and outdo other airlines in things like cabin comfort, in-flight service, customer service, value and food. And these are the very parameters that all airlines are ranked upon.

Actual passengers are asked to vote based on their flying experience with a respective flight and the votes are aggregated and the results announced accordingly. Many such rankings are announced each year with the same airlines maintaining the top positions by and large in most of these competitions; the great thing which makes one take these rankings seriously is that actual passengers are asked to vote and the rankings announced are based on the scores the airlines are given by these travelers.

One of the biggest of such aviation events is the Farnborough International Air Show that takes place in Hampshire, England annually. This year, the show was held between July 14 – 20, and the following results were announced:

Cathy Pacific was named the world’s best airline. The Hong Kong based firm claimed the World Airline Awards title from last year’s winner Emirates. This was their first victory in such a prestigious category since 2009. The airline worked hard and offered improvements in all areas but most of all in the areas of value and food. Each seat is outfitted with power outlets and iPod and USB ports. There is also a 32-inch seat pitch in economy class which definitely provides more cabin comfort.

Qatar Airways came second with good scores for seat comfort and service efficiency. Qatar operates a ‘hub-and-spoke’ network of routes and the Qatari government owns 50% of the airline. Qatar Airways offers a fantastic travel experience and best prices on several of its routes. Qatar Airways operates in over 100+ destinations including USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, Singapore, India and Australia to name some. Based in Middle East, Qatar Airways has over a period of time has excelled in offering its passengers a wonderful flying experience.

Singapore Airlines was third; for years this airline has been a favourite with travellers. The airline scored well in all categories i.e. cabin comfort (32 inch seat pitch in economy class), food, in-flight service, customer service and value; the flight attendants got a special acknowledgement because of their above and beyond service levels.

The fourth place went to Emirates Airlines and where it slipped in this particular award show from first place to fourth, it still scored well on all important categories. In addition, introducing features like spa showers for its business class passengers is definitely something that can keep the airline up to speed with the best offered in aviation.

Turkish Airlines was at number five; it is an upcoming airline that has generated positive press in recent times by coming out with ad campaigns starring Leo Messi.

At the end of the day, the airline that best looks after its customer needs and has customer service as its forte definitely stands out.

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International travel has always been an expensive affair. So, finding the best deal helps you save on your travel bills. Begin your search by comparing prices of tickets offered by several airways in your intended route of travel. If you are flexible with travel dates, refine your search with those alternate dates of travel, choose the airline if you have any preference and then go to their official website and book tickets online. Also, do remember to check for promo codes, which are offered from time to time by many of these airways. Besides, several airways offer off-season specials in order to attract more travelers. So, do take advantage of these coupon codes, special offers, promotional packages and claim attractive savings on your flight ticket purchases. If you are looking for Qatar Airways promo codes 2017, you have come to the right place. You can find all the latest special offers from Qatar Airways list on this site.

In addition to the list of airlines mentioned above, there are many other carriers such as Etihad Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and United Airlines to name some. Depending on your travel priorities, geographic location, the quality of flying experience and the best price each of these airways offer, choose your favorite carrier. Always remember to use Etihad Airways coupon codes 2017, if you have chosen this airline, to get the best price on tickets while booking online.

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